Good evening my Dear AALEA Brothers and Sisters,

Please join us in congratulating our Brothers: 
  • Terry To, Chairperson, Corporate Relations

  • Trak Silapaduriyang, Chairperson, Training & Education
on their well-deserved promotion. We wholeheartedly wish them the best of luck in their new ranks:
CPD Sgt. Terry To
CPD Sgt. Trak Silapaduriyang
As time progresses, we expect more AALEA Brothers and Sisters to be promoted.  As we have been mentioning all this time, now is the time we need to sincerely look out for each other and to help each other and be a united family and organization.  
As Asian Americans, we are often overlooked for racial bias and career advancement.
Regardless of how much hard work we have put into it, under the current climate,
we can’t afford to sit back and wait to be taken care of and rewarded.
This is the ONLY WAY we can truly unite us as an organization and family as we continue to grow stronger and have greater representation, not just in Chicago, but also across the country.  
Congratulations to Terry and Trak again.  
Fraternally yours,
Henry Lai
Asian American Law Enforcement Association
1(773) 720-1668
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