AALEA membership carries important benefits, including access to valuable members events and service opportunity. Help AALEA in our mission to assist and advance the civic and cultural aims of the Asian American communities within Illinois. Join with over 300 members of AALEA who are active members of the law enforcement at all levels and including federal, state and local agencies.

Network nationally with NAPOA. All members of AALEA also earn membership and access to national-level events with our parent organization NAPOA — National Asian Police Officers Association. NAPOA’s member directory of more than 5,000 members nationally is an opportunity to exchange ideas, explore challenges and network with other law enforcement professionals.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of becoming an AALEA member at: AALEA@aalea.org. Or: AALEA, P.O. Box 56652 Chicago, IL 60656

Ready to join?

*Regular Membership: Regular Members are any person of Asian descent, in whole or in part, who is a sworn member in good standing in any law enforcement agency in the Midwest.

*Associate Membership: Associate Members are member that are either not of Asian descent or sworn law enforcement that have the same privileges and rights as regular member but are not allowed to cast a vote, be included in determining a quorum, or be able to hold office.