Trooper Chong Soo Lim, Illinois State Police

End of Watch: Tuesday, June 5, 1995

Trooper Chong Soo Lim is the first asian law enforcement officer to be killed in the line of duty in Illinois. 

Trooper Chong Soo Lim was killed when his patrol car was struck behind and burst into flames during a traffic stop on the Northwest Tollway. 

Trooper Lim stopped a car on I-90 near Hoffman Estates. He was sitting in his squad car when a pickup truck struck the rear of his vehicle and forced it into the automobile in front of him. The force of the collision caused the gas tank to explode and trapped Trooper Lim inside.

The 31-year-old driver was arrested for DUI, and later convicted of vehicular homicide and sentenced to eight years in prison.

Born in South Korea, Trooper Lim patrolled District 3 in Chicago upon graduating from the Academy. He transferred to the midnight shift in District 15, Oak Brook, just one month before his death. He is survived by his wife.

On June 5, 1996, District 15, Oak Brook, dedicated its operations area in memory of Trooper Lim.

Trooper Chong Soo Lim Scholarship Award 

AALEA created the Trooper Chong Soo Lim Scholarship Award in memory of Trooper Lim, who made the ultimate sacrifice in the performance of his duties. 

This award honors Trooper Lim and is presented annually to four recipients – two from the community and two from the families of active AALEA members. 

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